One of the most effective ways to settle the nervous system is breath.

We all know that breath is literally vital to staying alive. But most of us are unaware of how to breath intentionally and healthily. When it comes to managing stress, 4-7-8 breathing is a quick and cheap strategy!  When we are in a stressed response, our breathing becomes shallow and typically comes from the chest. This sends a message to the brain that there could be danger nearby. This, in turn, can create an anxiety loop where the brain and body are sending distress signals to one another. This makes in very difficult to relax and make good decisions. So, sit or stand in a comfortable position. Breathe in from the diaphragm for the count of four and then hold that breath for the count of seven. Slowly exhale from the mouth making a hissing sound for the count of eight. Repeat this three or four times. This will lower your blood pressure, regulate your heart rate and clear the pre frontal cortex.  You might want to check your heart rate before and after to see how this technique works for you.

Check out the video and try practicing this with me!